Kathy Jekel, Woodturner

I can attribute my desire for woodworking to my father, Charles H. Lawson. He was always in his work shop making one thing or another.  So, naturally when the opportunity presented itself, I enrolled myself in high school wood shop, learning as much as I possibly could about working with wood.  I can remember the very first bowl I turned those many years ago. It was hardly a bowl at all, but a small indention in a round cylinder…and that was a long time ago.

I started turning again, in 1982, when my husband bought me a lathe and turning tools for Christmas, was I excited!

My turning activities really began to take off in 1985, when the proprietor of Outskirts Antiques approached me with an offer to turn replacements pieces for antique furniture. I started replicating the broken or missing parts for restored furniture. This activity caused me to really hone my turning skills, by providing an exact match to the other pieces, or he simply didn’t take them.  I did a lot of turnings, those first few months that I worked for him and I also learned a valuable lesson, “precise turning” and that the “fine details” really make a difference.

In 2007, I was encouraged by a very good friend to join the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association (COWA).  Shortly after joining COWA, I joined the American Association of Woodturners and began to learn all I could from the various artists, by attending demos and classes from world turners such as Alan Lancer and Jimmy Clews.  (Woodturners love to share their knowledge.)  Master Turners in our club, always share how masterpieces are made, along with any other turning secrets that may help fellow turners, such as the type of finish used and the type of tools used etc.

Why do I turn… because I enjoy watching the faces of people, who love my work. It’s a pleasure to see their eyes light up with wonder or joy, when they touch a piece.  And of course the challenge of turning such pieces brings me great joy.

Published contributor for the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Newsletter

Voted as a contributor to Woodturner’s Resource World Woodturning Calendar for the years of 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Exhibited and demonstrated the art of woodturning at the Oklahoma City Festival of Arts, Beaver’s Bend Folk Art Festival, the Choctaw Land Run Festival and the Oklahoma State Fair.

Displayed turned pieces in the Forest Heritage Center & Museum and currently have pieces displayed in Dean-Lively Gallery in Edmond, Oklahoma, Murcer’s Jewelry and Gifts in Chandler, Oklahoma, as well as, the website www.woodturningsandmore.com.

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