Spalted Elm Turquoise Bowl

Measures 8.5 w x 5.5 h. Finished with Danish Oil and Lacquer.

Spalted Elm Turquoise Bowl # 1605



Mulberry Turquoise Bowl

Measures 7.5″ w x 1.5 h.  Finished with Danish Oil and Lacquer.

Mulberry Turquoise Bowl#1604 Sold



Mosaic Walnut Bowl

This stunning piece was turned from Oklahoma Black Walnut. The  rim was turned from beautiful exotic wood pieces in their natural color (no dyes used).  Each piece was arranged on the bowls edge in a mosaic pattern and then turned to  blend into the shape of the bowl.  Measures approximately 10″ in diameter by 4″ in height. Finished with a high friction polish and buffed with Renaissance Wax.

Mosaic Walnut Bowl #13-5  Sold

Padauk Bowl

This bowl was turned to create a solid sturdy bowl. The wall thickness is 1/2 inch.  It was finished with a high friction polish. Size: 7″ diameter and 3.5″ tall

Padauk Bowl #11-52 Sold


Redwood Bowl Redwood BowlThis bowl features a dot and a rain drop pattern on the face of the bowl. Very unusual design feature. Measures approximately 4″ tall and 6.5″ wide.  Finished with 3 coats of lacquer for a high gloss finish.

Redwood Bowl #11-14  Sold


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