Lidded Bowls


Curly Maple Cocobolo and Ebony Lidded Bowl

This piece was turned from an unusual piece of curly maple.  The tree branch had small ridges of bark around the majority of the piece. This can be seen in the shimmering lines or rays surrounding the bowl. One side of piece of wood had laid on the ground creating the pencil black lines on one side.  This is  created when moisture inhibits the wood forming a beautiful grain pattern in an already beautiful piece of wood. The rim was turned from Cocobolo and added to compliment the Ebony finial. Measures approximately 7″ tall by 7″ in diameter. Finished with a wood sealer to stabilize the wood,  a high friction polish and hand buffed with Carnauba Wax.

Curly Maple Cocobolo Ebony Lidded Bowl # 12-9  Sold


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