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World Woodturners Calendar Entries

Each of the following turnings were submitted as Calendar entries for the Woodturners Resources Calendar, a “showcase calendar” of turnings by Woodturners WorldwideOf all the turnings submitted each year, only 12 are voted into this Calendar per year, one for each month.  The calendars may be purchased at www.woodturnersresource.com

Elm Walnut Hollow Form

2016  Month of September







Maple Padauk Ebony & Turquoise Vessel

 2015 Month of September






Maple Burl Ebony Final Lidded Bowl

2014 Month of October






Vintage Walnut Candlestick Telephone

2013 Month of September!



Southwest Flaming Red Box Elder Turquoise Pot

This piece was turned from a highly figured beautiful flaming red piece of Box Elder. Featuring Prehistoric Pentroglyphs hand carved on both sides. Turquoise was hammered into a  fine powder was used to fill the carvings, voids and knot holes. Finished with a gloss finish and hand buffed to give a soft glow.  Measures 7″ in width by 4.5″ in Height.  A one of a kind show piece!

Southwest Flaming Red Box Elder Turquoise Pot #13-6 Gifted

Vintage Candlestick Telephone

This piece was made from Oklahoma Black Walnut. This turning was based on the Western Electric Desk Telephone (Now AT&T) from the 1890 – 1912 era.

Vintage Candlestick Telephone #121  Not for Sale



Maple Burl and Gabbon Ebony Lidded Goblet

One of nature’s most stunning creations, a maple burl with light shimmering rays of color, combined with Gabbon Ebony to provide an expensive but elegant touch. Gaboon Ebony, “the blackest wood in the world”, is among the most expensive of all available lumbers: usually about two to three times more expensive than most species of Rosewood. Ebony wood has been a coveted wood by wood artisans for literally thousands of years, in fact, some carved pieces have been discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 3000 BC..

Maple Burl and Gabbon Ebony Lidded Goblet #13-7  Sold

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