Pen Information

Wood Pens and Acrylic Pens

Pens can be passed down from generation to generation by simply replacing the refills once empty.  The wood pens and the acrylic pens both use Cross Refills.  The pens may simply be pulled apart, the old fill unscrewed and the refill replaced by screwing in the fill. Pushed the top back into place.  Each pen can be twisted to protrude the writing point.

Stick Pen or Desk Pen

This type of pen is a spindle turned creation.  The most commonly used refill is from the “BIC Round Stic” pens.  The pens  are available at most stores that carry stationary supplies.  Manufactures offer black, red, and blue ink.  For an additional tip: purchase “BIC Round Stic” pens during back to school sales when packs may be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

Removing the ink fill from the original plastic pen body of a “BIC Round Stic” pen. There are two easy ways to remove the ink fill.  One way is to use a jar lid friction pad to grip the nose end of the ink fill, providing a slip free grip and simply twist the ink fill while pulling it away from the pen body. This can be done with a finger grip only. If you do not have an easy time doing it by hand, you can use pliers over the rubber friction pad. Take care not to mar the ink fill.  It is molded plastic and will show any scarring or squeeze deformations. Simply push a new ink fill into the turned pen until the base of the ink fill is flush with the wood of your spindle turned pen.

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