Maple Burl and Turquoise Bowl

This bowl was made from an extraordinary Maple Burl, turned to accent the unusual rim features. Notice the dramatic colors, golden rays, bird’s eye pips, and quilting all in one piece.   Turquoise was used to fill the small voids to add a striking brilliant color to the piece.  Measures 12″ x 5″. Finished with Danish Oil and hand polished.

Natural Edge Bradford Pear Bowl

Bradford Pear is a beautiful smooth wood, excellent for turning with one Caveat. Storms cause Bradford Pear trees to have hidden cracked areas called wind shake. These are cracks that appear on the inside of the tree. When turning, the bowl can blow up violently because you often can’t see these cracks until you cut into one. If you can get a piece turned, they stand out to tell you their story. You can often tell which way the tree was blowing and how violent the storm by the angle and size of the cracks.  Each crack has been permanently sealed and polished into this unique Bradford Pear Bowl.  Not only is this a beautiful bowl, but a great conversation piece as well. Measures 13″ x 5.5.”  Finished with Danish Oil and hand buffed to give this piece a warm glow.

Natural Edge Blackjack Turquoise Bowl

This bowl lost its bark as I was turning it.  It had such striking features that I decided to add turquoise stone to enhance the cracks and voids. Unusual piece don’t you agree? Measures 12″ in length x 9.5″ in width x 7″ in height. Finished with Danish Oil and hand polished.


Linden Padauk Turquoise Hollow Form

This piece was turned from a rather large piece of Linden Wood, commonly called Basswood by wood carvers. I had recently acquired some genuine turquoise stones from Colorado  and thought they would be the perfect accent for the evenly spaced cracks around the top edge of this beautiful hollow form.  The stones were pounded down to powder, mixed with a permanent sealer and used to fill each individual crack, along with hours of hand sanding. The darker stone was used to fill the void in the knot hole on the lower portion of this piece. A Padauk Rim was turned to compliment the beautiful turquoise and varying colors of the Linden Wood.  Measures 13″ diameter x 8″ height. Finished with a high friction polish and hand buffed. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Douglas Fir Snowmen

Turned from my Douglas Fir Christmas Tree saved from several years back.  Measures 17.5″, 13.5″, and 11.5″ in height.  These adorable guys will be heading to the Oklahoma State Fair. And are always a favorite!


This hollow form was embellished with a transparent yellow/gold wood dye to bring out the swirls and eyes within the wood grain.  A black collar and Ebony finial add a pleasant accent to the piece. Measures 4.5″ in height by 4.5 in width.  Finished with Lacquer and hand buffed.

Amboyna Burl and Macassar Ebony Vase or Urn

amboyna vase urn

This vessel may be used as a Vase or as an Urn.  It was made from a very unusual Amboyna Burl and is 16″ tall and approximately 8″ wide. This exotic burl has golden brown eyes/rays that burst from a center core on one side of the vase, extending up to the upper portion of the Macassar Ebony band. The rather large fracture on the other side of the vase was natural and small voids were filled with the ebony to stabilize the piece.  Waves of soft golden rays and tightly clustered eyes can be found all over the entire piece. Very little pencil-line spalting can be found on this piece.  This piece was finished with a friction polish and hand buffed with Renaissance Wax to produce the rich soft glow over the surface.

Walnut Burl and Ebony Lidded Vessel

This beautiful walnut burl vessel is highly figured with rich brown, black and gold tones, one would almost think it was covered with chocolate!  To highlight these tones,  the Lid and Finial were turned from black Ebony and Walnut.  What a beautiful piece of wood nature has gifted us with to turn such a nice piece! Finished with a high gloss finished and hand buffed.  Measures 11″ tall x 6″ diameter.

Maple Burl Rosewood Hollow Form

Nature had a hand in helping to create this beautiful piece of Maple Burl with it’s wonderful voids and ornate worm holes. Added to the piece is a Rosewood Rim with warm tones of brown and gold. Measures 11″ diameter x 8″ height. Finished with several coats of Danish Oil and buffed to a soft shine. And I must say along with the hand of Nature this piece is a real conversation piece!

Rosewood and Gaboon Ebony Lidded Bowl

Rosewood and Ebony Lidded BowlThis heavy dense rosewood bowl features a luminescent grain of a reddish brown color with black bands which run through the wood grain. I turned this piece to pick up a section of the smooth creamy bark wood which dips down one side with a strong black band around the edge.  To add a striking contrast to the piece and compliment the strong black band, the lid was turned from the lower portion of the same wood creating a slightly lighter luminescent piece which accents the jet black finial. Finished with a durable high gloss finish and hand buffed with Renaissance Wax.  Measures 7″ tall and 6″ wide.

Mosaic Tulip Wood Bowl

The rim of this bowl was made by using various exotic woods to compose a striking color combination. This bowl measures approximately 2.5″ tall and 5″ wide.  Finished with a High Gloss Finish.



Mosaic Myrtlewood Bowl

Myrtlewood bowl with a mosaic rim of various woods including tiger wood, yellow heart, purple heart, padauk, gabbon ebony, rosewood, holly, blackwood and Texas ebony, making this bowl a hand turned masterpiece.  Measures 8″ in diameter and 3″ tall. Finished with a high gloss finish, Renaissance Wax and hand buffed.

Natural Edge Oklahoma Blackjack Oak Bowl

This bowl was turned from an Oklahoma Wood called Blackjack Oak with the bark attached as found in its natural state.  If the bowl was tilted on its end, you would be able to tell how this bowl was turned from the tree.  It measures 12″ long, 10″ wide and 7″ tall.  Finished with Bull’s Eye Shellac.  Buffed with Renaissance Wax. Natural Edge Oklahoma Blackjack Oak Bowl

Cedar and Holly Lidded Bowl

Wow!  What an extraordinary piece and very difficult to turn! This piece was turned from a very unusual shaped cedar trunk.  The original shape of the tree was left in tack during the turning to reveal the original growth of the tree.  The bark edge can be seen around the entire diameter of the turning.  A smaller portion of the trunk was parted off to allow for the lid to be turned from the same piece.  The finial on this piece was turned from a piece of holly bush removed from the east side of the Oklahoma State Capitol in 2011. Measures approximately 8″ tall by 11″ at the widest point.  Finished with a high gloss finish and hand buffed to create a soft glow.

Hackberry and Ebony Lidded Bowl

This beautiful bowl is made from a Hackberry log obtained when men were downing trees to make room for new power lines on Hwy 177.  The grain definition on this bowl and lid are so strong that you can count each growth ring on this 37 year old tree. The grain patterns also reveal the drought years with close tight lines and those years with abundant rain with the lines being farther apart.  The black beads were added to complement the Ebony finial. This piece measures approximately 6″ tall by 5″ in diameter.Finished with a high friction polish and hand buffed.

Natural Edge Oak Bowl

The majestic white oak is the wood used to make this natural edge bowl.  Turned at an angle to show the growth rings emerging from the back edge forward to the front edge of this piece.  Measures 3″ tall at the highest point by 9″ in diameter.  The bark edge has been stabilized with a wood sealer and the entire bowl was finished with a soft gloss finish and hand buffed with Carnauba Wax.

Manzanita Root Burl Bowl

Manzanita wood is a very hard wood grown along the Pacific Coastal States. This beautifully figured bowl was turned from a root burl. It has natural open voids, like small windows to the inside, along with the the very unusual cracks which are common characteristic of a Manzanita Burl. The finial is turned from Gabbon Ebony.  This is the largest and most challenging piece I have turned to date, measuring just over 12″ diameter and 18.5″ tall.  Finished with a high gloss finish and hand buffed.  This is a one of a kind piece and would make a great show piece for anyone who appreciates fine art.



Maple Burl Walnut Blackwood Lidded Bowl

This Lidded Bowl was turned from a very unusual Maple burl. The beauty of this piece is not only the fabulous color and highly figured wood, but the fact that a limb grew out of this burl.  It is very rare for this to occur on a burl. To keep the limb as a part of the bowl, a focal ring was added to the portion that was cut away from the tree in order to keep the size large enough to allow the limb to be a part of the bowl.  The rim of this bowl was turned from Oklahoma Black Walnut to enhance the striking brown and black pencil line spalting which appears all over this unique piece. The finial was turned from Blackwood to accent the black voids that are a main focus of the piece with a small portion of the burl included. Measure 12″ in diameter by 14″ in height and finished with a high gloss finish which penetrates the wood and protects its beauty.  Not only is this piece a stunning art piece but a conversation piece as well.

Natural Edge Maple Burl Winged Lidded Bowl with a Rock

I enjoy turning peculiar pieces that have an added touch from nature. This piece is just that with a magnificent flowing natural edge of dramatic color from whites to creams to smoky grays. And did I say peculiar. Hidden just out of view on the bottom of the piece is a small white river rock that found its way onto this burl and the bark grew around it.  The feet and finial on this piece were turned from Bocote wood with spectacular colors of soft gold with dark brown and black stripes. Measure 8″ in width by 5″ in height and finished with a high gloss finish which penetrates the wood and protects its beauty.  Peculiar piece, who would not agree. (FD)

Natural Edge Maple Burl Winged Lidded Bowl

This winged bowl was turned from another one of nature’s beautiful high figured burls, rich with swirling colors of creams, smoky grays and greens. This “wild grain” makes burl wood extremely dense. The natural wood edge flows around and down toward the natural bark on the bottom of the bowl. The lid was turned to just float on the surface of this piece. The feet and finial were turned from Bocote wood with fabulous colors of a soft gold background, with dark brown and black stripes.  Measure 7″ in width by 3.5″ in height and finished with a low gloss finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. (FD)


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